Scott Healy Ensemble “Song Without Words”New digital release of remastered 1989 NYC ensemble recording.


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 Scott Healy Ensemble  “Song Without Words”

The 2″ master tapes were baked and transferred to digital…Michael Fossenkemper remastered the record…

The New Jersey State Council on the Arts partially funded this recording, which we made in two consecutive and very cold days in January, 1989 at A&R Studios in NYC (now the headquarters of Local 802). In fact when we showed up at the studio, the boiler was out, and it was about 45 degrees inside. The engineers were setting up with gloves on, I guess expecting us not to notice. After some fit-pitching, boiler was reset, and all was good.
The record was supposed to come out on some long-forgotten indie jazz label, then another–no go–but it did eventually come out (albeit on the Maxell label…).
As time went on I resisted releasing it on cd myself, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was that my writing style had evolved; the music now represents a time and a place to me–the eighties, tons of plate reverb, dark and brooding harmonies, big hair…
Now the time has come, and is the perfect way to introduce this release. This site has so many great features: one can listen to the entire album for free, track by track, or download tracks in full resolution formats, AIFF and FLAC, as well as MP3. This is an old school, audiophile quality recording transferred from the original tape masters (which had to be baked), and iTunes just doesn’t do recordings justice.
The spirit of openness and sharing one’s music freely is paramount for a performing artist, as is the spirit of making some coin on your product, and bandcamp provides a simple interface and a platform to do both.
I’m grateful to all the artists who worked so hard on this recording, including the brilliant, late engineer David Baker, who only screamed at you if he liked you. I think he liked me, because he almost throttled me when I attempted to touch the tape transport. We went at it for a minute, then hugged and did a great take. Check out Tim Hagans’ flugelhorn solo on “In Your Own Sweet Way”, or Aaron Heick’s soprano on “Three Colors”, Mike Formanek’s bass on “Shuffle Boil”, and Dave Ratajczak’s brilliant drumming throughout. –Scott Healy



Recorded January 5th, and 6th, 1989 at A&R Studios, NYC. Mixed at R.P.M. Studios, NYC. Engineered by David Baker. Remastered by Michael Fossenkemper.
Released 10 January 2012
Aaron Heick-alto and soprano sax, flute
Andy Sterman-tenor and soprano sax, clarinet, flute
Lino Gomez-tenor and soprano sax, flute
Kent Smith-trumpet, flugelhorn
Tim Hagans-trumpet, flugelhorn
Mike Davis-trombone (2,4,5,7,8)
Dave Panichi-trombone (1,3,6)
Matt Findars-bass trombone
Mike Formanek-bass
Dave Ratajczak-drums
Scott Healy-piano