Scott Healy / Glenn Alexander Qt. "Northern Light": Jazz Weekly Review –George Harris Reviews Scott Healy - Glenn Alexander Quartet CD 2/14/13

Scott Healy – Glenn Alexander Quartet: Northern Light

February 14, 2013



Northern Light: Here’s a subtle and delicate delight: Scott Healy /p-synth and Glenn Alexander/g co-lead a quartet with K

ermit Driscoll/b and Jeff Hirshfield/dr on an extremely well conceived, composed and delivered collection of originals. All of the 6 tunes are recorded live to a two track, so the sound is warm and spontaneous. That would mean nothing if the music wasn’t strong enough, but here, the gentle mood, emphasized by songs like “November” and the reflective “Chimes” makes this an ebullient delight. Healy’s piano work on the latter is gracious and sparse, while Alexander’s embracing tone on the lyical “Christmas Day” and the spacious “Spiral” make for fascinating listening. The band swings and glides back and forth like the LA Kings front line, perfectly timed and able to handle anything. These guys play like they know what they’re doing.

Hudson City Records


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