NFTs from Hudson City Records

Collectable limited edition NFT packages from Biscodini Organ Trio are now available via Ghostmarket is a sales platform for “smart” NFTs which are minted on the Phantasma blockchain, which is known for its innovative smart-NFT technology, super low transaction fees, cross-chain compatibility with ETH and NEO, Binance smart chain, and a few others–plus hyper-green, negative carbon footprint proof-of-stake processing. Smart-NFT technology increases the functionality of your digital assets. For example an artist royalty to be burned into the NFT itself and is automatically paid directly back to the artist on every sale with no middleman. This technology could usher in a new era of DeFi and music, connecting the artist directly with the audience–anything an artist mints, from inexpensive music tracks, to collectable issues of artwork, files, open folders, tickets, ephemera, pretty much anything, instantly becomes a tangible and marketable digital asset. Forever.

You could be in business with your favorite artist.

Remember: Phantasma and its coin SOUL use a small fraction of the energy of other Level 1 blockchains.

See and for more information on setting up a purchase and getting your feet wet in crypto and NFTs.

Coming soon: – a full-function NFT sales platform for independent music artists and labels.