Sea of Tranquility: "Hudson City Suite" Review

Scott Healy Ensemble

Scott Healy Ensemble: Hudson City Suite

Scott Healy Ensemble-- Hudson City Suite

There can be no doubting the talent of Los Angeles based musician Scott Healy. His long time gig in Conan O'Brien's late show band has kept the artist busy but has still found the time to work with a wide range of artists including Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, BB King, Jackson Browne and many more.

On his latest album Hudson City Suite Healy surrounds himself with a stellar cast of jazz musicians.

Healy has stated that Duke Ellington is a big influence and that can be heard throughout this swinging album. Trumpet, trombone, sax, clarinet, flugelhorn and tuba are used wonderfully. Healy's piano is also second to none giving these compositions just the right amount of depth as his lines weave through the brass rhythms with a virtuosic flair.

If you happen to like solos in your jazz you will be delighted with Hudson City Suite as every track, except the shorter “Interlude”, has them and the best part is they fit in seamlessly within the structure of the song

.Some of my favourites include the pretty “Central Trolley” where Alex Budman's tenor sax solo adds a layer of colour to the slower brass rhythms and the equally lovely “Princess Tongora” featuring layers of brass built upon Kendall Kay's gentle cymbal taps and subtle drum strokes.Healy has taken his love of jazz and put it on a platter for all of us to enjoy. I suggest anyone who is a fan of jazz to dig right in. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Track Listing:
1. Transfer (6:18)
2. Central Trolley (6:29)
3. Summit Avenue Conversation (7:15)
4. Princess Tongora (6:42)
5. Interlude (1:47)
6. Franklin Steps (8:11)
7. Gaslight (6:43)
8. Koko on the Boulevard (7:23)
9. Prelude (5:26)

Added: April 22nd 2013
Reviewer: Jon Neudorf
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